Earthing System Silicone Rubber Surge Arrester

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Earthing System Silicone Rubber Surge Arrester

Zinc oxide compound sheath non-clearance surge arrester is used to protect the corresponding voltage-grade alternating current (AC) electric apparatus from the excess voltage.

Technology advantages

With perfect prescription ,the silicon rubber shed booster is smooth and compact, provides perfect hydrophobic performance, good resistance to aging, tracking and erosion.

The adoption of the high-strength acid-resistant FRP rod ensures the reliability of composite insulator.

The arcing corona ring well distributes the electric field along the insulator’s axe to prevent corona phenomenon and secure the insulator from heavy damage in end fitting in case of flashover.

The end fitting and FRP rod are connected with imported end-fitting crimping equipment from Finland and the acoustic emission detector from the US which ensures the mechanical performance of the product.

The unique end fitting sealing structure improves product sealing reliability.

The strict inspection measures ensure the perfect quality of every product.

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Product advantages

Its protective property is excellent and the antipollution outstanding as well as its volume is small and the weight light. Because the sheath is made from organic material such as silicon rubber and EP (epoxide) it can avoid some kind of serious explosive accident, for example the one caused by ceramic arrestor.

Operating condition

1         Environmental temperature : -40 to 40°C

2         Altitude <1000m

3         Power frequency: 48Hz to 62Hz

4          The PF withstand voltage exerted on the lighting arrester should be no more than MCOV of the lighting arrester

5         Wnd speed no more than 35m/s

6         earthquake intensity no more than grade7.

Technology parameters

Using area


Product model HY10WS-42/134 HY10WS-51/134 HY10WS-52.7/134 HY10WS-52/134
Rating voltage virtual value( kV) 42 51 52.7 54
System nominal voltage virtual value(kV) 35 35 35 35
Continuous working voltage virtual value(kv) 23 40.8 23 41
DC(U1 mA) Ref.Voltage no less than(kv) 73 73 73 73



Max. residual voltage peak value(kv)

Teep wave impulse current 154 154 154 154
Lighting impulse current 134 134 134 134
Operating impulse current 114 114 114 114
2000μsquare wave flux capacity(A) 150 150 150 150
4/10μs impulse current peak value( kA) 65 65 65 65
Max.leaking current under0.75DC ref. voltage( μA) 50 50 50 50

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