High Voltage Electric Composite Strain pin Insulator

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A pin insulator is a component that supports or suspends a wire and forms electrical insulation between the tower and the wire.

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High Voltage Electric Composite Strain pin Insulator

Product Introduction

A pin insulator is a component that supports or suspends a wire and forms electrical insulation between the tower and the wire.

A patent-designed puncture structure can penetrate the wire insulation layer in the in-line slot to form an electrical connection.The unique ark-starting fork is closely connected with the upper end of the insulator and the other end is the discharge end, forming a discharge gap with the ground electrode installed on the lower end of the insulator.And an insulating cover covers all exposed parts of the upper end of the insulator except the discharge end of the arcing fork.
Under normal condition, the discharge gap of lightning insulator does not operate.The gap between arcing fork and grounding electrode can be broken down and a short circuit channel can be formed only when the lightning overvoltage exceeds the regulation.The connected power-frequency arc burns on the arcing fork of the clamping line, releasing overvoltage energy to protect the wire from burns.

Product features and  advantages

1.The silicon rubber shed booster is smooth and compact

2.Perfect hydrophobic performance, good resistance to aging, tracking and erosion.

3.High-strength acid-resistant FRP rod ensures the reliability of composite insulator.

4.The arcing corona ring well distributes the electric field along the insulator’s axe to prevent electric fainting phenomenon and secure the insulator from heavy damage in end fitting in case of flashover.

5.The end fitting and FRP rod are connected with imported end-fitting crimping equipment ,ensures the mechanical performance of the product.

6.The unique end fitting sealing structure improves product sealing reliability.

7.The strict inspection measures ensure the perfect quality of every product.

8.We can design and produce according to the drawings and detailed requirements of customers.

Technology parameters

Product name Product 









height H













P.F. wet













pin Insulator

FPQ-20/20T 15 5 295 195 465 110 50
FPQ-35/20T 35 20 680 450 810 230 95
Composite cross-arm Insulator FSW-35/100 35 100 650 450 1015 230 95
FSW-110/120 110 120 1350 1000 3150 550 230

tension Insulator

FXBWL-15/100 15 100 380 200 400 95 60
FXBWL-35/100 35 100 680 450 1370 250 105

post Insulator

FZSW-15/4 10 4 230 180 485 85 45
FZSW-20/4 20 4 350 320 750 130 90
FZSW-35/8 35 8 510 455 1320 230 95
FZSW-72.5/10 66 10 780 690 2260 350 150
FZSW-126/10 110 10 1200 1080 2750 500 230
FZSW252/12 220 12 2400 2160 5500 1000 460

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Pin Insulator1777

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Pin Insulator1914

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