China Manufacturer Economic Type Low Voltage Switchgear Electrical Power Distribution Cabinet

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China Manufacturer Economic Type Low Voltage Switchgear Electrical Power Distribution Cabinet

Rated Capacity 100kVA; 200kVA; 400kVA
Size 1350M*700MM*1200MM  can be customizable
Suitable environment Outdoor
Colour can be customizable
Use Widely used in power distribution

Product Introduction

1.Intelligent low voltage distribution box adopts highly integrated,highly reliable computer motherboards,comprehensive monitoring system operating parameters.

2.Reduced the space occupation of the power distribution cabinet and improved the floor area ratio of the power distribution cabinet.

3.Intelligent power distribution cabinets use high-precision,high-integration modules that increase the volume of the cabinet,support more loops,and reduce floor space.

4.Has the functions of operation management and safety management,effectively improving the reliability of the entire distribution system and reducing the risk.

Product Advantages

1.Strong breaking ability,good thermal stability

2.The electrical scheme is flexible and easy to conbine.

3.Novel structure and other features.

Detailed Description of JP Cabinet Technical Performance

Rated power supply voltage: 380V (220V), allowable deviation -10% ~ +7%,
Rated frequency: 50Hz

With distribution monitoring function, it can measure three-phase voltage (0.5 level) and three-phase current (0.5 level) of distribution transformer.

For the main circuit, the rated current of the main circuit breaker, main circuit breaker, high resolution circuit breaker and other components shall not be less than 1.5 times of the maximum operating current passing through the circuit.


JP cabinet of our company has a variety of advantages, using small capacity grading, phase compensation.It not only solves the problem of reactive power compensation when the three-phase load is unbalanced, but also solves the normal operation of reactive power compensation capacitor when the load is light.At the same time, it ADAPTS to all kinds of operation requirements, automatically and quickly carries on the tracking compensation, effectively reduces the power grid loss, improves the voltage quality.Lord into intelligent circuit breaker shall have over-current residual current protection function, main into the intelligent circuit breaker for CCC certification products, and with 30 KA short circuit breaking capacity, can be adjusted according to actual load transformer capacity or overload protection value, have automatic reclosing function, strong anti-jamming capability, leakage current action is 50 ~ 500 mA is adjustable, also have open phase protection function.In addition to the control function of switching off normal load, the device also has the basic protection function of overcurrent, overload and other abnormal tripping, which can effectively promote the safe operation of power grid and scientific and technological progress.

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