Difference between cold shrink cable temination and heat shrink cable termination

1、 Design principle of cross-linked cable termination

The design principle of all cross-linked cable terminals should follow the principle of restoring the cable body structure. Therefore, the cable terminal shall comply with the electrical standards of GB12706-4 and IEC60502-4, so as to ensure the long-term normal operation of the cable terminal and the safe operation of electrical equipments.

2、 Difference between the two cable terminals

i. Sealing: since most of the wire heads are installed in outdoor situation, directly buried and other environments, waterproof and moisture prevention has become one of the keys to ensure the safe operation of the cable terminal, and its sealing performance and methods should be considered. There are usually two methods of sealing in the past: one is to shrink the heat tube be shrinked on the cable. This method is complex, difficult to control, and not conducive to maintenance; Another new method, which is also the primary choice of domestic and foreign professional manufacturers at present, is to use high elastic sealant, which has simple process, reliable performance and convenient maintenance. Because the cold shrinkable cable terminal mainly depends on the high elastic performance of sealant, supplemented by sealing filling liquid and other methods, it can be applied to all kinds of voltage cables, and is suitable for areas with large temperature difference, and can effectively avoid the airy gap between insulation layers, resulting in breakdown accidents. Due to its poor elasticity, the heat shrinkable cable terminal is greatly affected by the climate environment, and can be used in areas with low and medium voltage (less than 10kV) and small temperature span.

ii. In terms of insulation performance, the main material of cold shrinkable cable terminal is silicone rubber, and its performance index can reach more than 24-28kv/mm, while the main material of hot shrinkable cable terminal is a mixture of plastic and other materials, and its performance index is only about one tenth of that of cold shrinkable cable terminal.

III. installation method: the cold shrinkable cable terminal is easy to install, and the required tools are basically complete in the product. The insulating pipe of the heat shrinkable cable terminal mainly depends on the high-temperature heating method to make it fit on the cable, so the construction party needs to prepare special heating and welding tools.

IV. cost: the cold shrinkable cable terminal is mainly made of silicone rubber, with high cost; The heat shrinkable cable terminal is mainly made of plastic and other materials, and the production cost is comparatively low.

In short, when the temperature difference is small and the cable voltage is low (less than 10kV), the heat shrinkable cable terminal can be selected; When the cable voltage is required to be high (above 10-500kV) and the environmental temperature difference is large, it is recommended to choose the cold shrink cable terminal. The cold shrink and heat shrink cable terminal products produced by our company (HISTE ELECTRIC) at present, with 17 years of production and installation experience, are products worthy of your trust. Welcome customers to visit our company for guidance, and we sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!

Post time: Jul-10-2022