Why Choose US

Service promise:

We promise,the qualified rate of products is 100%, and the warranty period is 3 years.Abide by the contract and earnestly fulfill the terms of the contract: timely delivery, timely notice of delivery of the goods to the other party;Firmly establish the service consciousness, always stand on the commanding height of user demand, set up all-weather service consultation;Our company's staff to customer satisfaction as the criterion, the customer is always right, the service is only better, there is no best, service can not be regressive;Do a good job of customer return visit in time, solicit customer opinions, improve product information, and actively respond to and propose solutions to various problems raised by customers, so as to timely correct problems until customers are satisfied.

Test process automation:

All fatory tests are fully automated.Which not only improves work efficiency,but also ensures the personnel.

Global partners:

Most famous companies like stage grid

Company’s enterprise Idea:

Search for the market based on quality,seek for development with honesty;adopt world new& high-tech,establish inter-company partnership, create the leading title;carry out the strategy of billions of treasure,to be prominent and prior,buck for giantism in terms of market situation.The company,winning trust of devoted employee group with ardor,intelligence and efficiency,is developing high quality&high service&high standard enterprise.

Based excellent quality ,experienced design &manufacture ability, competitive price advantage, We have sold goods to Asia, Europe, America, Middle-East and Africa, ect, more than 60 countries and areas.

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Post time: Aug-19-2020