Heat Shrinkable Protective Cover Bus bar joint Box

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Heat Shrinkable Protective Cover Bus bar joint Box

MPH busbar junction box is made of polyolefin irradiation crosslinked hot shrinkage busbar which is machined by die.Widely used in transformer, arrester, outdoor switch and other power equipment.It has the following characteristics:

1. Prevent corrosion of bus by acid, alkali, salt and other chemicals.

2. Eliminate short circuit fault caused by mice, snakes and other small animals.

3. Prevent the accidental injury caused by the live gap accidentally entered by the maintenance personnel.

4. Solve the insulation problem between bus slots to prevent dust, pollution and condensation flashover.

5. Voltage grade is divided into: 1kV, 10kV, 20kV, 35kV.

6. Conventional colors: red, yellow, green, blue and black are directly divided into phases.Other colors and sizes can be customized.

Performance and Characteristics

MPH series is a good electrical insulation, waterproof seal safety protection products.It has the characteristics of easy installation, good environmental adaptability and long service life.It is mainly used for insulation protection and safety protection of bus connection in power plants and substations.Prevent short circuit accidents caused by crawling of foreign body lapped animals, prevent human body from electric shock, pollution and condensation flashover, reduce the corrosion of conductive materials by air and harmful gases, and extend the service life of electrical equipment.

1. Tensile strength: & GT;15 mpa

2. Breakdown strength: & GT;25 kv/MM

3. Volume resistance coefficient: & GT;Ω. 1014 cm

4. Service temperature: 55 -- +105℃

5. Color: red, green, yellow and black


Red: The connector is of "L" type :100x10 double bus lapped with 100x10 double bus

Green: The connector is of "L" type :120x10 single bus lapped with 100x10 single bus

Yellow: The connector is of "T" type :100x10 single bus lapped with 80x10 double bus

Green: "X" connector :100x10 single bus lapped with 100x10 single bus

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