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Tension Insulator

  • 230kV suspension insulator 120kN

    230kV suspension insulator 120kN

    Rated voltage: 230kV Tensile strength: 120kN Style: suspension insulator Packing: 3 sets/carton
  • Tension Polymer Suspension Insulator

    Tension Polymer Suspension Insulator

    Suspension insulators are generally made of insulating parts (such as porcelain parts, glass parts) and metal accessories (such as steel feet, iron caps, flanges, etc.) glued or mechanically clamped.Insulators are widely used in power systems. They generally belong to external insulation and work under atmospheric conditions.The external live conductors of overhead transmission lines, power plants and substations, and various electrical equipment shall be supported by insulators and insulated from the earth (or ground objects) or other conductors with potential differences.