The main products catalogue:220kV and lower voltage Zinc oxide surge arrester, isolating switch, dropout fuse, electric substation bus-bar tube, shed booster, Cable sheath voltage limiters(box), wall bushing, 110kV and lower voltage prefabrication, Full cold shrinkable or heat shrinkable cable accessories,500kV and lower voltage composite insulator etc. various kinds of electrical products.

Cold Shrink Cable Accessories

  • cold shrinkage cable accessories

    cold shrinkage cable accessories

    cold shrinkage cable accessories 1.Reliable capability It is made from imported-SiR (Silicone Rubber) with satisfying electric insulation, outstanding elasticity tracking resistance, corrosion resistance etc, as well as approved electric capability and long-term service-life. It can exert modest radial pressure upon the cable all the time to make the contact compact after installing . Also it will expand or shrink simultaneously with the cable to avoid tip-and-run breakthrough caused by ...